Joe Bruno on the Mob – Federal Government Screws the Family of Whitey Bulger’s Murder Victims

There’s an old saying: “You can’t fight City Hall,” and what happened to the family of Whitey Bulger and Steve Flemmi’s murder victims certainly proves just that.

The family of Bulger’s murder victims, Debra Davis, Deborah Hussey, Louis Litif, Michael Donahue, and Brian Halloran, originally won a $6.4 million suit against the federal government, for basically looking the other way while Bulger and his partner Flemmi committed numerous crimes, including murder, while both men were informants for the FBI. But now, a federal appeals court is overturning the judgment, because the suit were not filed on time under the statute of limitations.

Plain ridiculous!

There is no doubt that Flemmi and Bulger were involved in these murders. In fact, as part of his deal to cooperate with the government, Flemmi has already admitted that he and Bulger killed Davis and Hussy, both former girlfriends of Flemmi.

These murders were committed in the early 1980’s, and it did not become public that Bulger and Flemmi were FBI informants until the late 1990’s. Boston Globe writer Peter Gelzinis is absolutely correct in the article below. How could the families of the victims know of Bulger and Flemmi’s involvement in the death of their loved ones, if the FBI was hiding the fact from the general public, and from local Massachusetts law enforcement, that Bulger and Flemmi were top echelon FBI rats, with special privileges.

So now a federal judge has ruled, on a minor technicality (statute of limitations), that the federal government, his employer, does not have to pay the $6.4 million judgment to the families of the victims.

This is not only ridiculous, this is an outrage!

The cases were not filled in time because of the FBI’s negligence, and the FBI’s malfeasance. Remember, FBI agent John Connelly is already doing big time in the can for basically giving Bulger and Flemmi information about who was becoming a rat, and other morsels of knowledge very important to the two murderers.

In light of recent gaffes by the federal government, including Attorney General Eric Holder’s flip-fopping over what he knew about the gunning running operation “Fast and Furious,” and when he knew about it, the public trust in our government’s integrity is diminishing by the day.

This incomprehensible overturning by a federal judge of the $6.4 million judgment against the federal government to the families of Bulger and Flemmi’s victims is just another indication of why, in certain instances, our government may be operating in a manner that is not favorable to the well being of the American people.

Very sad indeed.

The article below can be seen at:

Bulger victims’ families forced to fight for justice

By Peter Gelzinis

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 – Added 6 hours ago

Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi won’t be in the Moakley Courthouse tomorrow. Neither will Catherine Greig, the woman who played house with Whitey during his 16 fugitive years.

Only the lawyers for the estates of Debra Davis, Deborah Hussey and Louis Litif, alongside a handful of loved ones, will gather before a panel of federal appeals judges.

These judges will allow lawyers for the Justice Department 20 minutes to say why the families of three victims who were strangled, shot and stabbed after allegedly crossing paths with a pair of gangsters — who moonlighted as FBI informants — do not deserve the millions already awarded to them by two federal judges.

Meanwhile, lawyers arguing on behalf of Davis, Hussey and Litif will have to divide their 20 minutes as best they can.

As part of his plea deal with the government, Flemmi has already described in gory detail how he served up his two young lovers, Davis and Hussey, to Bulger, who allegedly then proceeded to squeeze the life out of both young women.

Whitey’s former henchman and surrogate son, Kevin Weeks, has published the story of how Litif was targeted for extinction after word got out that the former Southie bookie and bar owner was planning to spill his guts to John Connolly, the same G-man who was protecting Whitey.

Several months back, this same appeals court overturned the $6.4 million the late U.S. District Court Judge Reginald Lindsay awarded to the widow and two sons of Michael Donahue, who perished in a hail of machine gun fire after agreeing to give a ride to a friend, Brian Halloran.

The judges ruled the Donahues were too late in filing their suit. Somehow, this family should have realized earlier that the FBI was just as sinister as Whitey and Stevie. Begging the question: How were they supposed to know what most cops didn’t know?

Consider the pretzel logic for a moment: At the age of 82, Whitey Bulger may never stand trial for 19 murders that have no statute of limitations attached to them.

And yet the families of those victims, who dare to sue the same federal government that sheltered Whitey as a “top echelon” informant, has the legitimacy of their claims beaten back by the fig leaf of a “time limit.”

Where is the fairness … to say nothing of justice?

Back in January 2004, the feds filed a forfeiture order against Flemmi for “approximately $10,000,000 in United States currency,” and that was not counting various commercial properties.

We know the feds are looking for at least twice that sum from Bulger’s hidden stash.

So how can they go into court with a straight face and clean hands and continue to chisel all the lives ruined by two gangsters the FBI took to bed?


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