Joe Bruno on the Mob – More Allegations Against NY City Fireman Anthony Ciliento

We must remember, allegations by federal prosecutors are just that – allegations. In America, every man is innocent until proven guilty.

However, it doesn’t look good for New York City Fireman Anthony Ciliento, as Brooklyn federal prosecutors have released to the press a litany of criminal acts they say Ciliento committed. According the the article below in the NY Post, Ciliento was the “right hand man” to Bonanno Crime Family soldier Anthony Seccaficco. Ciliento also allegedly “assaulted a man outside a bar with a lead pipe,” and in a Bronx bar he “put a gun to the head of one individual in the bar.” The federal prosecutors also claim that Ciliento planned to rob an illegal gambling club. And the main allegation against Ciliento is that he was involved in “drug trafficking” for the Bonnano Crime Family.

And after reading all these allegations, all I can think of is, like in the old Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s the Beef!?”

These crimes are all alleged to have taken place before Ciliento became a fireman. Yet in this era of horrible murders being committed by organized crime groups of all nationalities (There is a veritable mass slaughter going on involving Mexican drugs gangs), all the federal prosecutors can come up with against a NYPD fireman are two charges of assault with a deadly weapon, and intent to commit a crime that was never actually carried out. The drug trafficking accusation is a serious crime for sure, but where’s the evidence?

And as I pointed out in a previous blog, the only proof the federal prosecutors apparently have that Ciliento committed these crimes is the testimony of three rat finks, looking to cut a deal for themselves for their past crimes. It’s quite possible, and it’s happened before, that men facing long time in jail will give up someone who they think federal prosecutors will salivate over. A New York City fireman with alleged connections to the Bonnano Crime Family certainly fits that description.

I have no clue if Anthony Ciliento is guilty or not of all the allegations. But like all people who are charged with a crime, Ciliento deserves his day in court. Anything is possible. I’ve seen cases like this end with a plea bargain to avoid a long jail sentence. I’ve seen guilty verdicts, and I have also seen a jury find defendants “not guilty” because of the bad character of the witnesses against them.

Let’s see how this all plays out before we rush to judgment.

The article below can be view at the following link:

Bravest was a Bonanno goon: feds


Last Updated: 4:57 AM, October 5, 2011

Posted: 2:19 AM, October 5, 2011

He traded a lead pipe and gun for a hook and ladder.

New York City firefighter Anthony Ciliento — who’s facing drug trafficking charges — handled a variety of enforcer duties for the Bonanno crime family before becoming one of the city’s Bravest, authorities charged yesterday.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors unveiled new revelations about what they said was Ciliento’s secret life, charging that before joining the FDNY he “committed a litany of crimes on behalf of the Bonanno family.’’

Ciliento served as an associate and the “right-hand man” to Bonanno soldier Anthony Seccaficco, and on one occasion “assaulted a man outside a bar with a lead pipe,” Assistant US Attorney Nicole Argentieri wrote in court papers.

In another incident, Ciliento went to a bar in The Bronx and “put a gun to the head of one individual in the bar,” telling workers that the new lounge should not have opened without first having paid tribute money to the Bonannos, Argentieri wrote.

Among the crimes that Ciliento allegedly planned to commit as a mobster was a gunpoint robbery of an illegal gambling club, according to prosecutors.

He’s in custody, awaiting charges that he acted as the “muscle guy” for a cocaine delivery ring that operated in South Brooklyn.


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