Joe Bruno on the Mob – Irish Gangster Rides a Bike to Avoid Being “Hit.”


Martin Foley, an 59-year-old Irish criminal called “The Viper,” is a wanted man these days. So to avoid his car exploding when he’s headed on a trip to collect his money on the streets, “The Viper” has taken to riding a bicycle around Dublin.

How embarrassing, and not the safest thing in the world to do either.

It seems that Foley has a €60,000 bounty on his head, which was allegedly posted by The Godfather of Irish mob bosses: Christy Kinahan, affectionately called “The Dapper Don.” It seems that over a decade ago, Foley swindled Kinahan out of €100,000, and now that Kinahan is scheduled to begin serving a four-year jail term for money laundering, he wants to tied up some “loose ends.” Unfortunately for Foley, he is one of those loose ends Kinahan wants tied up, or actually eliminated.

According to the article below in the Irish crime reporting publication call Sunday World, Kinahan has given the contract to Fat Freddy Thompson to whack out Foley, who has survived four murder attempts already. But Fat Freddy as problems of his own, since he is reportedly “holed up at his mother’s house after it was firebombed by rivals who want him dead.”

So to sum things up, Kinahan is headed to the can, Fat Freddy is incognito for the time being, and Foley is peddling his butt around Dublin, with his head on a swivel.

Not a great time for organized crime figures in Dublin, Ireland.

The article below is available at the following link:


September 12, 2011

GANGLAND hardman Martin Foley has taken to his bike in a bid to dodge another assassination attempt.

”The Viper’ is paranoid about car bombs and hitmen outside his Dublin home after ‘Dapper Don’ Christy Kinahan offered €60,000 to have him whacked.

Each morning Foley, who has survived four murder bids already, checks for hidden devices under his car and is now cycling instead of driving himself. And the Viper is not the only gangland tough guy under siege this weekend.

Violent mob boss ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson is holed up at his mother’s house after it was firebombed by rivals who want him dead.

Thompson has even gone to the gardai looking for protection as the feud threatens to explode.
Viper’s Vicious Cycle

MARTIN ‘The Viper’ Foley has been warned that his life is in serious danger after ‘The Dapper Don’ Christy Kinahan put a €60,000 bounty on his head.

The Sunday World has learnt that Christy Kinahan’s son Daniel has been telling criminals around Dublin that his father will put up the money to anybody who manages to shoot the Viper dead.

Kinahan wants Foley whacked after accusing him of scamming him out of €100,000 in a row that goes back over a decade. Foley was recently approached and warned to pay up but refused so Kinahan has decided that he should be taken out according to Sunday World sources.

Foley has escaped four previous assassination bids and is said to be concerned about the latest murder contract and has taken to travelling around on a bicycle in disguise.

He also no longer drives himself and checks under his car and van for bombs each morning and evening according to insiders.

The Sunday World observed Foley on his bike last Friday morning and when he returned after an hour an associate arrived in a van to drive the 59 year-old criminal around to intimidate people as part of his debt collection business.

It can also be revealed that gardai recovered three guns a short distance away from Foley’s house on Cashel Avenue last week and believe that they were being stored to use in another hit attempt on the notorious villain.

A close associate of Fat Freddie Thompson was arrested close to where the deadly arsenal was being stored and detectives believe that he was intent on shooting the Viper and claiming the loot.

Because the recession has drastically affected the sale of drugs it is thought that a number of serious criminals will consider taking up the contract.

Martin Foley has been told by gardai that there is a threat on his life with sources saying that he is taking extreme personal security measures and is using anti-surveillance techniques wherever he goes to make sure he is not being followed.

Gardai have stepped up patrols on Foley’s road because of the death contract.

In January 2008 a close associate of Freddie Thompson ambushed Foley as he was leaving the Carlisle Health and Fitness gym on the Kimmage Road. The 24 year-old calmly walked up to Foley’s Audi A6 and opened fire with a Glock 9mm pistol.

Seven shots were fired at Foley from close range with four hitting him in the lower chest, shoulder and leg. Another bullet grazed his head.

Foley believed he was going to die and shouted out the name of his attacker but after he survived he refused to cooperate with gardai.

Christy Kinahan was also behind that murder attempt and ordered Freddie Thompson to set it up. Kinahan is the undisputed godfather of Irish organised crime and operated for over a decade from Marbella masterminding the importation of an estimated €1bn worth of drugs.

However he was targeted by Spanish police a year ago and his empire fell apart. He was extradited from Spain to Belgium last week to serve a four-year jail term for money laundering.

Sources say that Kinahan has been “tying up loose ends” over the last few weeks and that he will not rest until Foley is six feet under.

The Dapper Don was furious that the murder attempt failed but it had been thought that peace had been declared between the two men but garda sources have told them about the latest contract and are taking the threat very seriously.

Christy Kinahan and Foley fell out in the late 1990s after Kinahan accused The Viper of scamming him out of €100,000. Kinahan despised Martin Foley, but he never tried to exact revenge on Foley for the alleged con job.

However, Kinahan was eager to return to Ireland but knew that he couldn’t show his face in Dublin if he did not seek revenge for the missing money. So, he asked Thompson to take out Foley as a personal favour to him.


2 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Irish Gangster Rides a Bike to Avoid Being “Hit.””

  1. Freddy’s extradition is not Kosha! The Garda have already said there is not enough evidence for conviction, right. There is a new piece of legislation coming in called a “European Investigation Order” but the ROI has not signed and as yet it is not ratified.

    Two reasons for EAW 1) the case is ready for trial, 2) detention to serve sentence, neither applies.

    Also charges as they stand do not gel, a telephone conversation is between 2 people not 3 or more also the netherlands have not asked for his extradition or said a crime has been committed. As yet another law has not been ratified and Spain does not have jurisdiction.

    European Arrest Warrents are nasty so good on Freddy for agreeing to go to Spain as an EU citizen in a secondary member state European Law is primary

  2. Lynda, I was just set to do a follow up on Fat Freddie agreeing to extradition to Spain. I’m working on it today.

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