Joe Bruno on the Mob – Matthew Charles Johnson says Carl Williams offered him $200k to Kill Former Cop


The trial of Matthew Charles Johnson for the jail house murder of Australian mobster Carl Williams has taken an interesting turn. Even though the murder was caught on tape by prison cameras, and it was obvious Williams was killed from behind by Johnson, who hit him several times with an exercise bike handle, Johnson went on the witness stand and claimed self defense.

Johnson said Williams had offered him $200,000 in reward money if Johnson, when he got out on bail, killed former police detective Paul Dale. Dale had been charged with the murder of police informer Terence Hodson, who was shot dead with his wife in 2004 before he could give evidence against Dale in a burglary case. However, since their was no evidence against Dale, he was never convicted. Williams not only wanted Dale dead, but Williams was also acting as an informer with the local police, by giving false information on Dale’s involvement with Hodson’s murder.

Johnson said on the witness stand, when he refused Williams offer, he was marked for death. Johnson said Williams had told him that he could get to Johnson’s family outside prison too.

Johnson said he had gotten along with Williams just fine until Tommy Ivanovic entered their prison unit. Johnson said Ivanovic and Williams were “like brothers” and Williams wanted to show his close friend he was the boss of the unit. Ironically, it was Ivanovic who told Johnson that Williams planned to kill Johnson by striking Johnson on the head with billiard balls rolled up in a sock.

Before Johnson took the stand, prison security boss Bruce Polkinghorne testified that Johnson was the head of a prison gang called “Prisoners of War.” This gang particularly didn’t like snitches, and it is the prosecution’s contention that Johnson killed Williams not out of fear, but because Williams had become an informer.

The trial continues, but my guess is that the jury won’t believe a criminal like Johnson and will buy the prosecution’s story instead.

But we’ll see. Stranger things have happened where a jury is concerned.

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Matthew Charles Johnson says Carl Williams offered him $200k to kill Paul Dale

September 19, 2011 11:56AM

Matthew Charles Johnson is giving evidence as he fights a charge of murdering Williams in their Barwon prison unit last year.

Today he told the jury Williams had made up a story about former detective Paul Dale paying for an informer’s murder for personal gains such as getting his sick dad moved into the same unit.

Dale was charged with the murder of police informer Terence Hodson, who was shot dead with his wife in 2004 before he could give evidence against Dale in a burglary case.

Johnson said Williams was not really helping police and had no intention of ever giving evidence.

“He was pulling the wool over their eyes … Then he was going to shaft them,” Johnson told the jury.

Johnson said Williams wanted him to go to Wangaratta and kill Dale if he got bail, offering $200,000 for the job in the belief he could still claim the Hodson reward money if Dale died.

But Johnson claims his refusal upset Williams, who said he should be loyal to him.

He said Williams bragged he had Mario Condello killed from inside prison and admitted shooting gangland victims Mark Moran and Richard Mladenich personally.

“Of course I believed him,” Johnson said.

“Like I was talking to someone about the footy, he could be talking about someone being murdered.”

He said he got along with Williams until Tommy Ivanovic entered the unit.

Ivanovic and Williams were “like brothers” and Williams wanted to show his close mate he was “the boss of the unit”, Johnson said.

Williams talked down to him, treated him “second rate” and gave “silly orders”, he said.

“Some days he’d just hang shit on me,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he wanted to punch Williams many times and would have won a fist fight, but worried about retribution against his family on the outside if he acted against him.

Giving brief answers to questions from his lawyer Bill Stuart, Johnson told the court he had known Williams for about a decade after meeting him in jail.

They had spoken briefly through the cell windows and later Williams sent him a Christmas card when he was bailed, along with his phone number, Johnson said.

They later ended up together in prison again and Williams told him police were offering him inducements.

He said Williams knew he would never get the reward inducements offered.

“Carl knew what he was doing he didn’t need instructions from me in dealing with the police,” Johnson said.

The jury today watched crime scene footage of Williams’ bloodied body as it lay on the floor of the Barwon Prison unit he shared with Johnson and his friend Tommy Ivanovic in April last year.

A copy of the Herald Sun lay open at the page Williams was reading when attacked from behind.

A towel and red clothing covered the pool of blood where the bashing took place.

The jury heard Johnson dragged Williams into his cell after hitting him eight times.

The exercise bicycle stem used to kill him was shown in a nearby laundry area.

The jury also got a detailed view of Williams’ cell, including his personal papers and mementoes and a blonde pin-up on the wall.

Johnson’s record of interview with police was also shown, with him making “no comment” answers to investigators.

His only answer was that he acted alone.

This morning, the jury was told Johnson was the head of a jail clique that dubbed themselves the “Prisoners of War”.

Prison security boss Bruce Polkinghorne told the Supreme Court inmates often banded together in groups with like interests or ethnic backgrounds.

Johnson’s group called themselves the “Prisoners of War” and he referred to himself as the general of that group, Mr Polkinghorne said.

Johnson signed off some of his letters from jail “Matty the general” and in one told a friend it was his role to keep things in order.

The court heard the group did not like prisoners who helped police and had “old guard” values.

Williams had been talking with police about matters including their investigation into the 2004 murders of Hodson and his wife Christine at the time of his death.

The jury earlier heard Johnson claimed he killed Williams because their cellmate warned him Williams planned to beat him with a sock filled with billiard balls.

Mr Polkinghorne agreed if Johnson feared for his life he could have called his lawyer or told prison authorities, but he had not raised any concerns about Williams in the lead-up to the bashing.

The trial before justice Lex Lasry is continuing.


11 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Matthew Charles Johnson says Carl Williams offered him $200k to Kill Former Cop”



  3. No doubt Johnson killed Williams. But was it self-defense?

    It’s a different world in jail. Maybe it was self defense. I’d like to see what the jury says. Not that it makes a difference, to anyone but Johnson.

  4. both maggots karma

  5. johnson outside is a nobody.allways has been always will be 70 when he gets out wont make it he’s now marked by a wanna be like he is.a brain dead mooron.

  6. yeahright Says:

    seems so damm obvious that jail personel were involved in this, how could this happen without help at various levels of officialdom

  7. Who had the power to tell guads NOT to monitor cameras? Not Johnson, so what does that tell you. The wrong person alerted the guards, thats why they were so surpriseed

  8. I have known Matty Johnston for a very long time. Hes just looking to make a name for himself and stay top ‘dog’ in P.O.W. Rn’t the coppas that this gang has safe houses, generals, soldiers, etc! P.O.W is not just a jail gang, of wannabe young jailbirds who rn’t hurting others for retribution just to make a name for themselves! U were a weak litl junkie bugger Matty, killn Williams really make u more of a man?????

  9. luminess air Says:

    Useful info. Fortunate me I found your web site accidentally, and I’m shocked why this accident did not happened in advance! I bookmarked it.

  10. Marty Boy Says:

    I remember that smart arse Top Cop, Simon Overland dismissed Carl Williams “as a serial killer” (like Ivan Milat?, get over that you bald head Jack!) and then sour-face Mr John Brumby (the then ALP member of Broadmeadows) says exactly the same thing! (I was living in Frankston at the time, even knew a guy called Andy, who grew up with “Benji” & Dino Dibra, Paulie etc in western suburbs, also Andy admitted his family were related to Dennis & Peter Allen, who used to live in Albert Park with their grandparents & then in Carrum both in Melbourne’s bayside, Andy was impressed by my historical knowledge of the underworld) , The other people in Frankston (April 2010) all thought Carl Williams “lost the plot” with his Michael Jackson style golden casket & Roberta Williams used to also live in Frankston & was still remembered by the locals fondly , as she was one of the known sponsors of the “city life” charity soup kitchen in Frankston (it’s a small city in it’s own right these days, so is Dandenong)

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