Joe Bruno on the Mob – Missing West Vancouver Man Had Ties to United Nations (UN) Gang and the Hell’s Angels


The question is, was he killed, kidnapped, or maybe just taking a powder?

Omid Bayani, 36, a West Vancouver thug linked to the United Nations Gang, disappeared in early September, two days before he was to be sentenced in a drug trafficking case in Ontario, Canada. Bayanai was facing a possible 8-10 years in the slammer. Two days after Bayani’s disappearance, his family contacted the police and reported him missing, saying it was unusual for him to take leave from his family and not contact anyone.

Even though Bayanai was a member of the notorious UN gang, he was also affiliated with the local Ontario Hell’s Angels biker gang. In 2007, Bayani was arrested with several Hell’s Angels and charged with conspiracy to distribute 600 litres of GHB, known as the date rape drug.

West Vancouver police Detective Tom Wolff von Gudenberg released a statement concerning Bayani’s disappearance, after the 6-foot-240-pound Bayani was supposedly headed to a local gym to buff his biceps.

Wolff von Gudenberg said, “Bayani was last seen wearing a white or gray Under Armour shirt, blue Under Armour shorts, running shoes and ankle socks. Bayani worked out at two different North Shore community centers. We don’t have any confirmation that he got to the gym.”

Men have disappeared before to avoid jail. In 1964, Mafia Don Joe Bonanno allegedly “kidnapped” himself, the day before he was supposed to appear in New York City court. Two years later, Bonanno re-surfaced and did finally appear in court with his attorney. Bonanno’s excuse for his absence was that he had been kidnapped by his cousin Stefano Magaddino from Buffalo, New York, and held for months in a secluded house in Buffalo, before he was set free in Tuscon, Arizona. Most people didn’t buy Bonanno’s story, because if he he had indeed been kidnapped by his cousin, who Bonanno was planning to kill, he would not have re-emerged alive. Bayani could be doing the same thing.

Bayani is either pushing up daisies, or doing push-ups in a gym at an undisclosed location.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the latter turns out to be the truth.

The following article appeared at:

Missing West Vancouver man has ties to United Nations gang

Omid Bayani was to be sentenced in an Ontario drug trafficking case this week

By Kim Bolan, Vancouver Sun September 9, 2011

A West Vancouver man linked to the United Nations gang disappeared earlier this week – two days before he was to be sentenced in a drug trafficking case in Ontario.

Omid Bayani, 36, was last seen Monday afternoon en route to the gym, West Vancouver police Det. Tom Wolff von Gudenberg said Thursday.

His worried family reported him missing a day later, saying it was out of character for Bayani not to return home or call anyone.

Police are investigating whether Bayani’s gangland history has somehow caught up with him, or whether he took off to avoid his sentencing. The Crown was seeking a jail term of between eight and nine years.

Bayani was arrested in 2007 along with Hells Angels in B.C. and Ontario after a massive Ontario Provincial Police undercover operation targeting the biker gang.

Despite being a ranking UN gang member at the time, Bayani had worked with the rival Angels in a conspiracy to traffic 600 litres of GHB – the date rape drug.

This past July, prosecutors stayed a charge of belonging to a criminal organization against Bayani and his co-accused. But Bayani was convicted on the drug charges.

Wolff von Gudenberg said Bayani, who is six feet tall and weighs 240 pounds, was last seen wearing a white or grey Under Armour shirt, blue Under Armour shorts, running shoes and ankle socks. Bayani worked out at two different North Shore community centres, he said.

“We don’t have any confirmation that he got to the gym,” Wolff von Gudenberg said.

Despite his criminal history, Bayani had not been on the radar of West Vancouver Police in recent months.

“It is impossible to speculate because we don’t know anything about his real connections locally,” Wolff von Gudenberg said. “He has been totally off our radar.”

He said other Lower Mainland law enforcement agencies, including the Gang Task Force, have been contacted.

“Everybody’s been notified just because of that history. Who knows if somebody has a source out there who knows something? He could be missing. He could have taken off,” Wolff von Gudenberg said.

Port Moody police Insp. Andy Richards led the B.C. component of the Ontario investigation when he was with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit. Richards said Thursday that he hasn’t heard anything about Bayani since the 2007 arrest.

“He was a player. He was a big player at one time,” Richards said. And he said Bayani had gang connections far beyond the UN, as indicated by his involvement with the Hells Angels.

News of Bayani’s disappearance comes just a day after the head of the Gang Task Force, Supt. Tom McCluskie, said the police fear retaliation for the Aug. 14 murder of Red Scorpion Jonathan Bacon and wounding of Hells Angel Larry Amero and Independent Soldier James Riach.

Another West Vancouver man with gang links, Vahid Mahanian, vanished under similar circumstances June 27 and was found dead on Cypress Mountain two weeks later.

Bayani came to Canada as a refugee, but was ordered deported in 1999 after a series of armed robberies in Calgary. He filed a series of unsuccessful challenges against the deportation, but was never removed from Canada.


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