Joe Bruno on the Mob – Fat Freddy Thompson’s Gang Whacked An Innocent Man Because He Witnessed a Mob Rubout


Nothing gets the gardai’s nose more crooked than the mob killing of an innocent man.

It is alleged that Fat Freddy Thompson’s gang used a crooked car dealer named Brian Downes for a number of capers, including supplying get-away cars after a murder, and the transportation of illegal drugs. On two separate occasions, cars that Downes supplied to Thompson’s gang were immediately seized by the gardai (Irish police), after they were filled with heroin. Fat Freddy’s gang put two and two together and they figured Downes was the one who tipped off the gardai.

On October 5, 2007, Downes was whacked at his own garage (allegedly Fat Freddy himself did not give the order for the hit, but a close associate did). Downes was shot eight times, once in the head, and seven times in the body.

The only problem, at the garage when the hit (and Downes) went down, was an innocent man named Edward Ward, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. So not to leave any witnesses, Ward was shot twice in the head, rendering him quite as dead as Downes.

So what’s the moral of this story? There isn’t any.

But it might be a good idea not to be in the company of a man playing ball with a very dangerous drug-dealing gang, like Fat Freddy’s.

But what if poor Ward was just at Downes’ garage to buy a car?

Hey, spit happens.
The article below appeared at:

‘Fat’ Freddie gang led hit on car dealer

MURDERS: Innocent man also shot dead after witnessing assassination

By Ken Foy

Thursday May 19 2011

A MEMBER of ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson’s gang is suspected of ordering the hit on a car dealer which led to a shocking double murder.

A jury at Dublin County Coroner’s Court this week returned verdicts of unlawful killing at an inquest into the deaths of car dealer Brian Downes (40), who was gunned down alongside Edward Ward (24) in 2007.

Downes was the target of the hitman and Ward — who was not considered a criminal — was shot dead simply because he was a witness to the execution.

The car dealer had a long history of providing vehicles to members of ‘Fat’ Freddie’s gang but a contract was put on his life when the gangsters suspected that he had become an informer, the Herald understands.

Sources say that Downes was blamed for providing gardai with information about two major drug seizures in 2007 when hundreds of thousands of euro worth of heroin was taken off the streets.

The gang suspected that Downes had provided officers with information about the movements of vehicles before detectives moved in on them and seized the drugs. “As soon as they suspected that Downes was helping gardai — that was the end of him. Unfortunately Mr Ward happened to be caught in the crossfire,” said a source.

Downes had previously been arrested by detectives investigating the murder of ‘King Ratt’ gang member John Roche in March 2005 — Roche was killed by the ‘Fat’ Freddie mob but no one has ever been charged with that slaying.

The crooked car dealer was arrested on suspicion of providing the getaway car in that murder and sources say that Downes regularly provided vehicles for the Thompson gang for drug runs and other criminal enterprises. “He was a Del-Boy type figure but he got himself involved with some very dangerous people,” a source pointed out.

It is understood that ‘Fat’ Freddie did not personally sanction the murder of Brian Downes, but it was ordered by one of his closest associates.

This week’s inquest heard that Downes was shot eight times — once in the head and seven times in the body while Mr Ward was shot twice and died of a gunshot wound to the body. The shooting happened at Downes’ garage on the Greenhills Road, in Walkinstown, on October 5, 2007.


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