Joe Bruno on the Mob – Chicago Child Sex Trafficking Ring Cracked.

After reading the article below I almost got physically sick.

A Chicago sex trafficking ring has been squelched by an undercover operation dubbed “Operation Little Girl Lost,” an 18-month investigation by the Chicago police force, which used extensive wire-tapping of the prostitution ring’s lairs. The basis for the wire tapping was the new Illinois “State Children’s Act.”

Young girls, some as young as 12 and 13 years old, were used by member of the Vice Lords gang and other gangs, as prostitutes, working out of the elevated subways and local grocery stores. So far eight men and one woman have been arrested for “involuntary sexual servitude of a minor and human trafficking,” which is a fancy term for pimping.

Apparently, these girls were mostly runaways, who came from the states of Chicago, Indiana and Wisconsin, and were lured into the sex ring with drugs, such as marijuana and ecstasy. Once in the hold of the drugs, these girls were forced to work 24-hour shifts as prostitutes, with the money they made turned over totally to their pimps.

One of the young girls got pregnant, and after she gave birth, she was immediately put back to work, with the mother of one of the gang members babysitting for her, at exorbitant fees.

There’s a special hell for people, who enslaved young girls, then forced them to commit sex acts for money, sometimes with half a dozen men at a time.

I hope those punks involved get convicted and never see the light of day again.

The article below appeared at:

Sex Trafficking Gangsters Busted Enslaving Girls as Young as 12

August 26, 2011

A sex trafficking ring has been brought down by Operation Little Girl Lost. Girls, as young as 12, were being sold for sex by members of the Vice Lords and other gangs. Police have charged eight men and one woman for involuntary sexual servitude of a minor and human trafficking.

Chicago authorities announced yesterday the results of “Operation Little Girl Lost” that netted the sex trafficking arrests. The information provided spins a sickening tale of pimps, prostitutes and drugs which tells of 12 and 13-year-old girls being virtually enslaved. The girls came from Chicago, Indiana and Wisconsin who works on two work shifts as long as 24 hours with the pimps keeping up to 100 percent of the proceeds.

Working the elevated trains and grocery stores of Chicago’s south and west sides, the sex trafficking ring referred to their girls as “hos” and the girls often had to call them “Daddy.” This may sound like stuff from a bad movie but it is as real as the foreign trafficking rings and sex slave operations detailed in documentaries on TV. This time the story is here in our own country operating daily in many cities throughout the United States.

According to court documents, a young female witness testified that the ring supplied the young girls with Chicago, Indiana and Wisconsin thereby increasing the hold over the girls in their control. One of the girls said she say a 13-year-old victim of the gang have unprotected sex with six men at one time. Some of the girls involved had children and one gang member’s mother was charging them exorbitant fees to babysit for them. It is pretty disgusting when a mother is involved.

Operation Little Girl Lost took 18 months of hard work to get these predators into court. It was the first time state-based wire tapping was done in a sex trafficking investigation, thanks to the new Illinois State Children’s Act. It revealed the mentality of the rings’ efforts in enslaving these girls for profit by recording one of the perpetrators saying, “You gotta beat on them hos man. … Just f— ‘em all up and they gonna stay in love.”

Life in the inner city is hard. Everyone knows it is full of things like prostitution and drugs. However, sex trafficking needs to be prosecuted at every turn. Operation Little Girl Lost only exposed the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Often these girls are seen as whores and not victims; however, they are victims of sick people who capitalize on their vulnerability, emotional problems and psychological issues.


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