Joe Bruno on the Mob – Firefighter Reputed member of Bonnano Crime Family


More on NYC Firefighter Arrested by the Feds For Selling Cocaine.

The more I read about the arrest of NY City fireman Anthony Cilento, the more I smell a rat. Or maybe three rats.

First thing we all must realized, just because a man is arrested doesn’t mean he’s guilty. And just because the newspapers parrot the straight line from the FBI, doesn’t mean the FBI always gets things right.

The entire case against Cilento, as far as I can determine from published articles, transpired before Cilento was sworn in as a NY fireman. In fact, although it was alleged in several published reports that Cilento, not only sold cocaine, but was in fact a heavy user himself, when he began his training at the Fire Department Academy, his drug screen was entirely clean.

No coke. No pot. No nothing.

So then I ask myself exactly what do the Feds have on Cilento, besides the testimony of three rat finks? It’s entirely possible that this entire case gets whacked in court if it can be proven by Cilento’s attorneys that the three rats are lying, just to reduce their jail time. These three creeps feed the Feds a NY City Fireman, and maybe, just maybe, they will get a reduction in time, or maybe no prison sentence at all.

I don’t know all the facts, and in a previous blog( posted below) I came down a little hard on Cilento based on an article published in the NY Daily News. But now I’m not so sure Cilento is guilty of what the Feds are charging him with.

Only time will tell.

Quite frankly, it won’t be the first time the FBI made a mistake. They made a little a boo boo concerning me, right after 9/11, and due to my connections in the press, the story made headlines in several states, as well as in NY City.

But that’s another story for another time.


Who is doing the screening for potential New York City Firemen? Mr. Magoo??

It is alleged that NY City fireman Anthony Cilento was an associate of the Bonnano Crime Family before he was made a fireman. To make matters worse, Cilento, who was assigned to Ladder 166 in Coney Island, was arrested last week by the Feds for being, “a former coke-snorting tough guy who acted as ‘the muscle’ for a crew that delivered drugs the way Domino’s delivers pizza.”

Cilento, whose nickname for some reason is “December,” has also been accused of being a member of Bonnano Crime Family made man Anthony (Little Anthony) Seccafico’s crew. Seccafico was gunned down at a Staten Island bus stop in 2009, in what appeared to be a mob hit.

The people of New York City expect their policemen and firemen to be above reproach, and they assume that the proper screening is done before someone is given the hat and the uniform of the New York’s Bravest and New York’s Finest. How Cilento, who is said in the indictment to be a violent, drug-dealing bad guy, got through the cracks is mind-boggling. That is, if he is found to be guilty of the alleged crimes.

A Federal monitor is expected to be appointed soon to figure out what happened in the Cilento case. If Cilento is found guilty as charged, heads will roll at The NYFD.

And well they should.

But if the charges against Cilento are false, then someone at the FBI has some explaining to do.

The article below appeared in the New York Daily News/

Busted firefighter Anthony Cilento is reputed associate of the Bonanno crime family, sources say

BY John Marzulli

Thursday, September 1st 2011, 4:00 AM

A Brooklyn firefighter arrested by the feds for drug trafficking is also a reputed associate of the Bonanno crime family, sources told the Daily News.

Anthony Cilento managed to hide his underworld ties from FDNY screeners who cleared him to enter the Fire Academy, the sources said. He was fingered by the feds last week as a former coke-snorting tough guy who acted as “the muscle” for a crew that delivered drugs the way Domino’s delivers pizza.

But news of his ties to a Bonanno wiseguy who was slain on July 2, 2009, was not revealed.

Until now.

Assigned to Ladder 166 in Coney Island, Cilento was a member of Anthony (Little Anthony) Seccafico’s crew, sources said.

Seccafico was gunned down at a Staten Island bus stop in what appeared to be a mob hit. A “made member” of the Mafia cannot be killed without permission of the Bonanno hierarchy.

Sources said neither Seccafico nor his murder appear to be linked to the cocaine delivery service. No one has been charged in the gangland hit, but it remains under active investigation, sources said. Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicole Argentieri revealed at Cilento’s bail hearing that the firefighter had a “very close relationship” with Seccafico.

The 27-year-old Cilento, whose nickname is December, was deeply involved in all aspects of the drug trafficking from 2002 to 2009 – and would rough up fellow members of the drug crew who stole cocaine, the feds said.

“He’s a very violent individual,” Argentieri told Magistrate Cheryl Pollak, according to a transcript of the hearing.

After joining the FDNY, Cilento allegedly visited a former co-conspirator in jail and urged him to keep his mouth shut and do the right thing, which the co-conspirator took as a threat, Argentieri said. Despite Cilento’s apparent desire to put his criminal life behind him, his past caught up when three snitches ratted him out to the FBI.

In a financial affidavit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, Cilento claimed he netted $2,000-a-month from the FDNY, had $12,000 in credit card debt and moonlighted at Court St. Bagels in Cobble Hill.

The feds also have charged retired NYPD cop John Avvento as being a co-conspirator of the drug crew. Avvento’s lawyer, Arthur Aidala, told The News that his client does not know the firefighter.

The revelation that Cilento got past FDNY screeners comes as a federal judge is likely to appoint a special monitor for the department.

A black firefighters group, the Vulcan Society, has argued that, among other complaints, black candidates face tougher screenings than whites. Cilento is white.


8 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Firefighter Reputed member of Bonnano Crime Family”

  1. i know this gentleman and your talking about a guy that was in the navy most of those years. The story didnt even get his age right. He has a african american girlfriend and half black child

    • I’m a Navy man myself (6 years). But my comments were pertaining to the screening system the NYFD uses to screen new firemen. Obviously, if the article is to be believed, Cilento fell through the cracks. If the article is wrong, and you know differently, then shame on the NY Daily News for getting their facts wrong.

      I’m no longer a journalist (I was for 25 years). On my blog, I just comment on published stories. And I’m assuming, sometimes incorrectly, that a credible newspaper would get their facts right.

      If what the Daily News printed is wrong, and libelous, Cilento has a great lawsuit against them. And if that’s the case, I will write a scathing article on the inefficiency of the NY Daily News.

    • scully come on. if you knew him you would know he is a scumbag cokehead mafia wannabe. all of us here in beach haven and ave x know him. he had a little martial arts training and thought he was so tough. and what does having an african american girlfriend has to do with it? so many mafiosos go to surf ave in coney island picking up black crack hos. i dont know how the hell he passed a drug test for the fdny cause he stays high on coke.

  2. Jen Traina Says:

    What ever happened to innocent until proven quilty? One mention of mob ties linked to an Italians’ name and it is a free for all with the press. Everything stated in this article about this man is stated as if it were fact! Oh yea, I’m sorry, you have the words of three convicted criminals already…so it must be true! Only when it concerns Italian Americans, is this practice acceptable! I find it disgusting! Give this man a fair chance…for the last two years he risked his life to save strangers lives! That has to tell you something about his character.

    • Jen, You 1000% right. I’m interested to see how this all plays out. All too often, just because you’re Italian, you’re presumed guilty.

      Like I said, we have to wait to see what happens. But if he is guilty, the NYFD has a lot of explaining to do about how they screen their applicants.

  3. You are also guilty of presuming he is guilty by jumping the gun with questioning the screening process. Maybe he was thoroughly screened?

  4. If he is found not guilty, which is not the same as innocent, maybe he was screened properly.

    If he pleads guilty, or is found guilty in a court of law, he was not screened properly,


    I grew up and lived in Manhattan’s Little Italy for 48 years. I know how these things work.

    Where there is smoke, there usually is fire. I never met a criminal, and I knew many, who said he was guilty. There was always a “misunderstanding.”

    My guess is that this guy is going to jail for crimes committed.

    And if I’m wrong, which I could be, I will take pleasure in beating the crap out of the FBI.

    Is that fair enough?

  5. BTW, if you know Cilento and he wants to present his side of the story, I will be glad to do so for him.

    Everybody deserves a fair shake, which I know from personal experience, doesn’t always happen when the FBI is concerned.

    But remember, I was born in the day, but it wasn’t yesterday.

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