Joe Bruno on the Mob – Scot Mutilated Over Marijuana Debt


Damn, they must really take their drug dealing serious in Great Britain.

Poor Scotsman James Ross owned a debt of some 10,000 pounds to British drug dealer John Maclean. Maclean somehow lured Ross out of the UK to Portugal, ostensibly to work off his debt by toiling in MacLean’s pot farm. But when Ross got to Maclean’s property in the village of Alfontes, Portugal, instead of cultivating marijuana, he was tortured for 13 days.

Carlos Pereira found the terribly mutilated Ross walking aimlessly in the streets of Alfontes. Pereira told the local police, “He came staggering towards me, asking me to stop, waving his arms in the air. He had no left ear and was missing two fingers on his left hand, a toe from one foot and two from the other. He also had a leg wound.”

All this because of a unpaid pot debt of 10,000 pounds.

Imagine what they would have done to Ross if Ross had owed Maclean 100,000 pounds instead. I don’t think Ross would have had enough ears, toes, and fingers to pay off that figure.

The article below appeared in the Scottish Daily Record.

Scot has ear, fingers & toes chopped off during drug gang kidnap ordeal in Portugal
Oct 21 2010
By Paul O’Hare

A SCOT had an ear, two fingers and three toes chopped off during a horrific kidnap ordeal over an alleged £10,000 drug debt.

James Ross, 26, was tortured in a villa on the Algarve for 13 days after being lured to Portugal by a gang of Brits.

Dad-of-two Ross, from Wick, Caithness, was found bleeding in the street in the village of Alfontes, near Loule, by Carlos Pereira.

Carlos said: “He came staggering towards me, asking me to stop, waving his arms in the air.
“He had no left ear and was missing two fingers on his left hand, a toe from one foot and two from the other. He also had a leg wound.”

Ross told him he had been involved in a road accident.
Mr Pereira said: “He was very white. He said, ‘Please, please, telephone’. I decided to put him in my van and drove him to a square, near a cafe, and called the police.”

Alerted Northern Constabulary had ranked Ross as a “high risk” missing person and alerted the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency and Portuguese cops.

Ross’s sister Gayle last night said the family did not wish to comment, adding: “We actually don’t know anything. The police have never been in contact with us so I don’t want to say any more.”

A Portuguese newspaper claimed Ross owed fellow Brit John Maclean £10,000 over a cannabis deal.

And it said Ross was lured to the Algarve on October 5 when Maclean told him he could pay off his debt working on a cannabis farm.
But the Rangers fan was kidnapped soon after landing at Faro airport at 9pm.

Two days later, his wife Donna, 26, got a call from the kidnappers and recognised the voice as John Maclean’s.

The aspiring model was told her husband was being held in a cage, unconscious and with broken legs, arms, feet, ankles and ribs.
The caller warned Ross would be executed if she called the police.

But British cops were monitoring the line and tipped off Portuguese officers, who traced the call to a phone booth on an industrial estate near Lisbon.
Last Friday, armed officers from Portugal’s National Counter-Terrorism Unit arrested Maclean and three other Brits, named by a Portuguese newspaper as Terrence MacGurk, Calum MacLeod and Ronnie Rose.

Three of them were held at a house near the popular holiday resort of Albufeira.

At the time, detectives were convinced Ross had been murdered and police divers were drafted in to look for his body.

Cops also found a burned out Mercedes said to have been used by the gang in a reservoir in nearby Santana da Serra.

A police source said: “Everything suggested he was dead.”

But detectives were stunned when Ross turned up pleading for help at around 9am on Monday.

Northern Constabulary last night confirmed they launched the international probe.

A spokesman said: “Following a report of a high-risk missing person made to police at Wick over the disappearance of a 26-year-old local man who had travelled to Portugal, Northern Constabulary instigated a joint operation with the Policia Judiciaria and the assistance of the UK SOCA.

“This operation culminated in the arrest of four UK nationals on serious criminal charges in Portugal where court appearances are expected.”

SOCA declined to comment on the operation.

Hours after Ross was discovered in the street, cops found the villa where he had been held in the village of Boliqueime.
The house is surrounded by a six-foot wall and a large iron gate.

British neighbour Jack Maculigan said he had seen people coming and going from the property. He added: “I saw various people and cars. I’m talking about Audis and Mercedes.”

The four Brits are being held on remand after appearing in court in Lisbon.

They are said to be aged 20 to 50, all with police records and living in Portugal, where they were believed to be involved in trafficking hash.

Detectives fear Ross will refuse to cooperate with the investigation as he and his family have received numerous death threats.

The Manchester home he shared with Donna was raided by men armed with knives in August demanding payment of the debt.
Ross is being kept under armed guard at a hospital in Lisbon.
Ross and Donna, a contestant in the UberGirl model competition, have two young children.


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