Joe Bruno on the Mob- Lifestyle Fitness- Harder to Quit Than Cigarettes.


This blog is usually dedicated to activities of organized crime, mobs, and gangs of any nationality. But after what happened to me today, I feel like I was shaken down by the Mafia.

I’ve been a member of Lifestyle Fitness for about 12 years. Today, I’ve had the temerity to try to cancel my membership, but it seems it’s harder to quit Lifestyle Fitness than it is to quit cigarettes.

First, after deciding I enjoyed working out at home more than driving to a gym to sweat, I went to the Lifestyle Gym, where I joined and tried to cancel my membership. I was told I could no longer cancel there, and that I had to call the main office. I mean, if I joined at the gym, why can’t I just un-join at the gym?

Rather than argue, I called the main office and was annoyingly put on hold for 15 minutes. When someone finally got on the line, the “Cancellation Expert” first tried to talk me out of quitting. I told the person, “I now work out at home and no longer need to belong to a health club.”

So in a monotone, uninterested voice, the Lifestyle “Cancellation Expert,” told me I had to cancel in writing, either by mail or by email. So I said, “Fine, send me the email form.”

When I received the form, I was shocked to learn that if I quit now, I had to pay another month’s dues for a month I won’t be using the gym. The letter also mentioned an “Enhancement Fee” of $25, which I may have, or may not have paid already.

I don’t know what an “Enhancement Fee” is. Enhance what?? It’s sounds like a bogus fee to me.

Bottom line, I’m sorry I ever joined Lifestyle Fitness in the first place. Their treatment of me when I wanted to cancel my membership is indicative of why places like Lifestyle Fitness are losing members in droves.

Lifestyle Fitness. Easy to join. Cruel and inhuman punishment to quit.

Below is the cancellation form Lifestyle Gym emailed me.

Cancellation Instructions

Please read below regarding STANDARD CANCELLATION before replying

*NOTE: Requests must be approved by the Home Office prior to becoming effective.Reponses are NOT MONITORED for CONTENT.


2. I choose to discontinue my membership at this time and acknowledge that a new membership enrollment fee will be required if I wish to re-activate my membership at a later date. Prepaid memberships will not be entitled to any refund unless cancelled within (three) 3 business days.

3. This request will serve as the sixty (60) day advance notice required by your membership agreement.

4. There will be one additional billing of dues. The last month’s prepaid dues will be applied to the final month of membership. Membership type of “Basic” is assessed an Enhancement Fee of $25 six (6) months from the date of the agreement.

5. You have thirty (30) days from the date of your membership expiration to reactivate your membership. If you choose to reactivate your membership, you will need to provide current EFT and pay first and last months dues, plus processing fee if applicable.

6. Please print and keep a copy of the acknowledgment for your records; it is your proof of cancellation.

7. You may also submit your written (certified recommended) request to cancel to:
Lifestyle Family Fitness
140 Fountain Pkwy – Suite 410
St. Petersburg, FL 33716


*Please contact us at 1-877-753-0142 if you have questions.



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