Joe Bruno on the Mob – Irish Drug Dealers Targeted by the IRA


I received an email from Ronan Falsey concerning the article below, where I commented on an article posted about the Irish Republican Army. The article appeared in the Irish Republic newspaper. Ronan pointed out some inaccuracies to me which I will attempt to correct.

First of all his brother first name is Dearan, not Darren. Also Dearan was 36 when he passed away, and not 37.

Most importantly, Ronan said his brother was not a drug dealer, and when the Gardi searched his property, they found no evidence of drugs. Also, the IRA issued no statement claiming any responsibility for Dearan’s killing, as they usually do. And finally Ronan said Dearan did not have any friend killed for not paying extortion money to the IRA.

Unfortunately, I comment on articles written throughout the world. These newspapers and magazines have fact checkers, so I can only assume what they have written is correct. I’m a one-person operation. And I write one post on my blog a day. It’s impossible for me to independently fact check articles that should have been fact checked already.

However, if anyone finds any inaccuracies in what I write, when I take my information from accredited news organizations, I will gladly correct the inaccuracies.

Joe Bruno


The moral of this story is not to piss off the Irish Republican Army.

In a move right out the America Mafia, it seems that the IRA has been demanding protection money from every drug dealer in Ireland. The latest drug dealer, who has been killed because he refused to pay up, was Darren Falsey, who was murdered in what the Irish police (gardai) called a “professional hit.” The 37-year-old Falsey was shot soon after he returned to his Ashbourne Court home in Carrigaline, County Cork, after having visited a pal in Cork prison.

Last year the Real IRA compiled a list of drug dealers who were slated to be whacked because they had refused to make protection payments. Falsey was not on that original list, but it’s likely he was added later, after a friend was killed, reportedly because Falsey’s friend had refused to pay extortion money. The gardai then think Falsey was told to pay up a substantial bit of cash (from 50,000 to 80,000 pounds), and when he refused, he was given the same treatment as his pal.

The gardai, putting two and two together, think the IRA has come up with a new way to raise more money for their cause. And who better to extort this money from than drug dealers, who can’t run to the police once they’ve been threatened?

The Irish Independent in the article below say that “Gardai have been carefully monitoring the Real IRA in Cork amid concerns that a new leadership structure is trying to “bolster funding and recruitment levels.”

Still, the gardai feel it’s part of their job to protect all citizens, even those who ride on the wrong side of the law. So they have contracted numerous drug dealers, whom they believe to be on on the IRA’s “hit list,” and have advised them to “review their personal security,” which is a cute way of saying “Either hide your butt or get the hell out of Dodge City.”

Drug dealers, being the hard type of people they usually are, are not likely to listen too closely to the IRA, when the IRA is seeking to dig deeply into their drug profits. So expect a few more Irish drug dealers to bite the dust.

Worse things could happen.

The following article appeared in the Irish Independent

DRUG-GANG members who faced death threats last year from the Real IRA are being contacted about their personal safety following the murder of Darren Falsey.
Mr Falsey — who was associated with a major drugs gang on Cork’s southside — was murdered last Wednesday in what gardai now consider to have been a professional killing.

The 37-year-old was shot within minutes of returning to his Ashbourne Court home in Carrigaline, Co Cork, having visited a friend in Cork prison that morning.

Gardai are convinced that the killer had the rented house shared by Mr Falsey and his partner, Lorraine, under surveillance for some time.
Detectives are focused on two investigation theories: that the father of two either owed money to a major Cork criminal or was targeted because he refused to pay protection money to a dissident republican cell.

Last year, the Real IRA issued a list of named drug dealers that it threatened to kill.

Mr Falsey’s name was not on that list. However, an acquaintance of his was later assaulted in what detectives suspect was an attack by dissident republican supporters.

Gardai conducted raids over the past 18 months in which suspected dissident republican supporters were arrested after intelligence that attacks on named individuals were being planned.

The Real IRA claimed responsibility for the murder of Gerard ‘Topper’ Staunton (42), who was killed in front of his partner and her child in Wilton, Cork, in January 2010.
Mr Falsey got a bullet in the post last month although he did not subsequently upgrade his personal security.

Gardai are examining claims that attempts were made to extort ‘protection money’ of €50,000 to €80,000 from Mr Falsey over recent weeks.

Detectives are also trying to determine if other individuals in Cork have received extortion demands or death threats over recent months.

The Irish Independent understands that some individuals will be advised to review their personal security.
Senior gardai are concerned that dissident republicans may believe that extorting money from criminal figures offers a new fundraising avenue.

Gardai have been carefully monitoring the Real IRA in Cork amid concerns that a new leadership structure is trying to bolster funding and recruitment levels.


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