Joe Bruno on the Mob–Bulger Evidence To Be Kept From the Public

Doesn’t the state of Massachusetts have Sunshine laws?

US Magistrate Judge Marianna B. Bowler (she must be playing with a few pins short) has ruled that the evidence in the upcoming trail of Boston rat/mob boss Whitey Bulger will be sealed and not released to the public. This is an outrage and the Boston Globe, which printed the article below, and every other news organization in existence, should file a motion to have these documents immediately released to the public.

I know the standard argument is, that by doing this you might influence potential jurors in the upcoming trial. However, I sincerely doubt there are many people living in Massachusetts who don’t already know all about Bulger and his exploits. That is, unless they were born and raised on the Planet Mars.

Come on judge, come to your senses and do the right thing here. The public has the right to know what Bulger allegedly did and how he allegedly did it. Release these documents to the public. Again, it’s the right thing to do.

Whether Judge Bowler releases the documents or not, wanna bet there will be leaks to the press by either the prosecutors, or by Bulger’s lawyer (if those documents favor Bulger)? When that happens, Judge Bowler will be facing a 7-10 split she will try to convert by threatening to hold everyone on both sides in contempt of court.

Judge Bowler, release the documents now, and you won’t have to throw a gutter ball later.


The link for the article below is:

Boston Globe
Bulger evidence to be kept from public
August 10, 2011

US Magistrate Judge Marianna B. Bowler granted a protective order yesterday in the federal case against James “Whitey’’ Bulger, according to court documents. The motion, which was agreed upon by both prosecution and defense, keeps the discovery evidence sealed, said Christina DiIorio-Sterling, a spokeswoman for the Department of Justice. According to DiIorio-Sterling, the motion was a formality and is common as attorneys on both sides attempt to keep case evidence private. Both sides – including Bulger, his attorneys, and the federal prosecutors – but not the public, will have access to the case evidence.


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