Joe Bruno on the Mob – European Drug Dealers Are Not the Sharpest Knifes in the Drawer


Fourteen European crooks are now in jail for drug smuggling and money laundering because one moron left a receipt for 100,000 pounds for ship repairs in the wastepaper basket.

Scotland Yard detectives said they got their first clue in smashing an International drug trafficking ring, with links to the Albanian Mafia, and a 10 million pound money-laundering racket, when they, and the Spanish Navy, stopped a ship on the high seas. Upon searching this ship — low and behold — they found this receipt which led to the arrests of Anthony Briggs and Rayner Jane Rothery. One thing led to another and before you know it – bango! – 300 million pounds of cocaine was found in a pleasure boat in Southampton docks. As a result, Scotland Yard says 14 people in Britain have been jailed for a total of 77 years. In addition, in Spain, another 10 people are awaiting trail.

Didn’t any of these fools ever watch television, or even a movie? When a piece of incriminating evidence needs to be disposed of, it is always burned, until it is nothing more than smoldering ashes. The evidence is never discarded into a wastepaper basket, just waiting to be found.

Bottom line, if you burn the evidence, not even Sherlock Holmes, or Hercule Poirot, or even Jane Marple can crack your case. You drop the evidence in a wastepaper basket, you’re begging to get caught.


The article below, which first appeared in the London Evening Standard, was re-printed in Mafia Today. The link is below.

£350m drug plot foiled by receipt

August 4, 2011

“Detectives today revealed how they smashed a £350million cocaine smuggling plot – after spotting a receipt in a waste paper basket.
The find led to the unravelling of an international drug trafficking ring with links to the Albanian mafia and a £10million money-laundering racket.

A tonne of high grade cocaine bound for London was recovered when Scotland Yard detectives and the Spanish navy stopped a ship on the high seas.
The former Canadian coastguard vessel was identified after a £100,000 receipt for ship repairs was found in a waste bin during a drugs raid in Hillingdon in 2009.

Two members of the drugs ring were jailed at Kingston crown court yesterday. Anthony Briggs, 55, was given 12 months for money laundering, possession of a class A drug and possession of CS gas. Rayner Jane Rothery, 46, also received 12 months after admitting money laundering and conspiracy to pervert the court of justice.
The case comes after details were revealed yesterday of a haul of £300million of cocaine found in a pleasure boat in Southampton docks.
Scotland Yard said 14 people in Britain have now been jailed for a total of 77 years in connection with the plot. Spanish authorities arrested 10 people who are all awaiting trial in Spain.

Detectives unpicked an international network stretching from London to Spain, Albania, the Caribbean and Colombia.


5 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – European Drug Dealers Are Not the Sharpest Knifes in the Drawer”

  1. We are happy that the true criminals have been brought to justice in this case. However, it boggles the mind to know the last 2 received a 12 month jail sentence for their obvious role in this drug ring. They should have received more.

    Also, it begs to question WHY an innocent Canadian from Nova Scotia remains in a Spanish prison when he knew nothing of these criminals activities. He was a pawn that was used. He was hired on as a crewmember to help sail the Destiny Empress “empty” to a European buyer. He remains ill and innocent in a Spanish prison for over 20 months.. he has spent 2 Christmas’ in this prison.

    He is innocent yet he has been behind bars for 20 months away from his family, friends and Community while the real criminals in this case get 12 months! Where is the National outrage on this!! Help Philip Halliday get released from this Spanish prison and the ever slow turning wheels of justice in Spain.

  2. I think it behooves the Canadian government to apply pressure on Spain for the release of Philip Halladay. They are the only entity that’s capable of getting this done.

    • The Canadian government is toothles when it comes to protecting its own citizens abroad. We have seen this time and time again in Central and South America, Europe, Asia etc.

  3. We have been pressuring our Government since Dec. 22, 2009… the wheels are slow slow slow to turn with out Government.. we are tabling a petition in our House of Commons the end of September. We will not accept that Philip would spend his third Christmas in a Spanish jail!!

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