Joe Bruno on the Mob – Italy Arrests Top Mafia (?) Fugitive


Antonio Iovine had a great (not) so glorious life on the run.

Iovine, the supposed head of the Camorra in Naples, has been on the lam for 14 years: two years less than Whitey Bulger, the Boston mob boss, who was an informant for 30 something years. But at least Bugler lived a life of luxury all over the world, before he was caught in Santa Monica, California, with his girlfriend, all nice and cozy: $800,000 in cash hidden in the wall, and guns and ammunition stashed throughout his condo.

What a guy.

Iovine, on the other hand, was caught hiding in a filthy wall cavity (I cringe to think what that means), and when Iovine was discovered, he tried to jump off a balcony; like he was one of the Three Musketeers.

Not very good, in term of style points (Couldn’t Iovine have least swallowed the poison pill, not to be so humiliated?).

Italy’s Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said the arrest of Iovine was, “a great day in the fight against the Mafia.”

Uh, Senior Marconi, the Camorra and the Mafia are two different organizations. The Mafia is based in Sicily, and the Camorra is based in Naples. That’s like saying the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are on the same team, just because they both play baseball.

Oh, I remember. The word “Mafia” makes headlines.

The Camorra? Who knows what the Camorra is anyway, aside from the people who live in Naples?

Italians prosecutors are smart headline grabbers, but not the smartest law enforcement officials in existence.


One of Italy’s most wanted men has finally been captured after 14 years on the run. Antonio Iovine, a boss of the Camorra, the Naples version of the Sicilian mafia, was convicted in absentia in January and sentenced to life for directing the clan’s criminal operations.

He was reportedly discovered hiding in a wall cavity and is said to have tried to jump off a balcony to escape arrest.

Italy’s Interior Minister Roberto Maroni described it as a “great day in the fight against the mafia,” but denied the operation was mounted to detract from problems facing the prime minister.

Iovine’s capture is the latest in a string of high-profile mafia arrests by Italian authorities in recent months. His arrest was also welcomed by Roberto Saviano, author of the best selling book, Gomorrah, a study about the gangster underworld.


11 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Italy Arrests Top Mafia (?) Fugitive”

  1. danny nunziatto Says:

    i dont understand//are you upset that they caught such people as the ones you write about? or are you just degrading law enforcement around the world.

    lets not forget the kind of people they are… murderers, extorters, thieves, robbers, burglars’ ….and cheats and non educated ..

    these people stain the good name of HARD WORKING ITALIANS AND ITALIAN AMERICANS like my grandfather, father, and myself. im curious to know the reasoning

    • I’m not upset at these people being caught. All my family were hard working people too. I’m upset that a news organization can’t get the facts right. The Mafia does not operate in Naples. The Camorra does. The Mafia is based in Sicily. Read Robert Savino’s book Gomorrah. BTW, Savino is under 24 hour police guard ever since the book was published several years ago.

      • danny nunziatto Says:

        GOOD WORK!

  2. Today I’m making spaghetti with blanched beefsteak tomatoes, and garlic and basil.

    No meatballs.

  3. […] this link: Joe Bruno on the Mob – Italy Arrests Top Mafia (?) Fugitive « Joe … ch_fluidH = 1; ch_nump = "4"; ch_client = "tikibah"; ch_width = 400; ch_height = "auto"; ch_type […]

  4. I think the word “Mafia” is being used loosely to refer to Italian criminal organizations in general, not just the Sicilian Mafia — so that the Camorra would be referred to as the “Naples Mafia” or the ‘Ndrangheta as the “Calabrian Mafia”…

    • You’re right George, but it’s wrong nevertheless. The mMfia only exists in Sicily, but the word “Mafia” is traditionally used incorrectly, especially by the media who know the work “Mafia” sells.”

      • The Mafia is probably more well-known than the Camorra or the ‘Ndrangheta because of its American presence (which would have made it more famous due to portrayals in Hollywood movies). Incidentally, the Camorra did exist for a short time in New York City, but it was defeated by the Mafia there.

        Oh, and I’ve also noticed that those people who use the word “Mafia” generically will often use the phrase “Cosa Nostra” if they want to refer specifically to the Sicilian Mafia.

      • It also reminds me of the way people from northern England may call any Londoner a “Cockney” (when strictly speaking a “Cockney” has to come from the East End of London) or how American southerners will call any Northerner (not just a New Englander) a “Yankee”.

  5. George, that’s from the Civil War time when anyone from up north was called a Yankee. True, the Yankees are a baseball team from NY City (my team), but in the begining (until the early 1900’s) they were the NY Highlanders. By definition, a “Yankee” was anyone from up north, specifically “New England.” Now, because of the baseball team, the word is skewed.

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