Joe Bruno On the Mob – Fagese Goods Seized in Italy

Since I was a little kid growing up in Little Italy/Chinatown, you could buy fake (fagese) designer watches, clothes and handbags in the streets of Chinatown. The watches were always crap, but the clothes weren’t bad and the handbags were damn good knockoffs of top designed labels.

What people didn’t know was where these good came from. Most people assumed they were made in China, but as was stated in the best selling book, Gomorra (A bastardization of the word Camorra), by Robert Savino, these goods were made by Chinese people, but not in China, but rather in factories just outside the Italian city of Naples. These Chinese laborers were imported from China just to do this kind of work. And, like in China, they work cheap. So the profit is enormous for the Camorra.

And what is interesting in the article below about the arrest of 62 Italians in a “fake goods ring,” called “Operation Leatherface,” is that the article attributes the Mafia with running the ring, when in fact, it was run by the Camorra, the Naples version of the Sicilian Mafia.

The article was originally posted on the Internet by, and reprinted by Mafia Today. Yet, it’s strange that a European news organization does not realize that the Mafia does not control organized crime in all of Italy. The Camorra runs organized crime in and around Naples, and the N’drangheta runs organized crime in and around Calabria.

This is simple stuff really. A dedicated fact-checker would have noticed the error in the article.

I know I did.

The link to the article in Mafia Today is below.

Blow to Italian mafia as fake goods ring smashed
July 31, 2011 by Capo ·
SIXTY-FOUR people have been arrested in ‘Operation Leatherface’ against a large branded goods falsification network linked to the Italian mafia, Guardia Civil said.
Another 60 people involved with the network have also been identified and international arrest warrants are being issued against them.
The detainees, 62 of them Italians, are charged with illegal association, money laundering, tax evasion and crimes against industrial property.
Amongst them is the man in charge of the operation, his sidekick and their accountant.
The investigation began in 2010 when the Guardia Civil’s Economic Crimes Group found out through Europol of the criminal activity which was being carried out by the organization.
It was run from Naples, by several members of the same family linked to the mafia, who attempted to monopolize a sector.
They purchased huge amounts of falsified brand name goods, including tools, machinery and textiles which were produced by 25 companies in China after having received the original product which they were supposed to copy.
Thousands of these fake goods were imported to Spain and Italy.
Part of the shipments, which arrived via Sevilla, Valencia and Malaga, were sold here and the rest sent to France, Germany, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, Finland, Canada, Holland, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Portugal.
Once they arrived at their destination, the organization divided them into sales areas, and salesmen, mostly Italians, would walk the streets and visit shops offering the products for less than their market value.
None of the goods carried quality, safety or operation guarantees.
To make them appear legal, they had created a group of 20 businesses which they used to launder the money by transferring it to different societies and issuing false bills and receipts.
Guardia Civil searched premises in Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla, seizing large quantities of merchandise, as well as documents related to the investigation which were passed on to the Italian Guarda di Finanza, leading to 12 properties in Naples and Rome being searches and further goods being seized.


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