Joe Bruno on the Mob – Catherine Greig’s Detention Hearing

I can’t believe a judge would even consider releasing Whitey’s Bulger’s moll, Catherine Greig, on bail before her trial for “harboring a fugitive.”

It’s plain nonsense to believe that Greig spent so many years living in Boston, that she did not know Bulger was a criminal of the highest order, and murderer, many times over. If Catherine Greig didn’t know about Bulger’s reputation when she ran away with him, she was the only person in the entire state of Massachusetts who didn’t. And as for Bulger being “A Hero in the Community,” as Greig’s lawyer Kevin Reddington claims, don’t make me laugh. Bulger was as much a “Robin Hood” type figure as was Al Capone.

Add that to the fact Greig spent 16 years on the lam with Bulger, living off the ill-gotten gains Bulger had accumulated in more than 40 years in a life of crime, and as far as I’m concerned, Greig is, beyond the shadow of doubt, guilty of some crime. But we’ll leave that up to a jury.

And will somebody please put a sock in the mouth of Greig’s sister Margaret McCusker, who said in the court hearing, “Cathy didn’t commit any crimes.” Even she must know that statement is disingenuous, at best.

It’s also possible that Greig might know where Bulger has hidden the rest of his money. When they were arrested last month in Santa Monica, the FBI found $800,000 secreted in the walls of their condo. No one of sound mind could think that was all the money Bulger had stashed away to last him for the rest of his life

I feel the government should put the screws hard to Greig. Threaten the 60-year old woman with substantial jail time, then maybe she’ll come clean about how Bulger was able to escape detection for 16 years. Greig, besides possibly knowing where Bulger’s money is hidden, might also know who else helped Bulger while he was on the lam.

Go easy on Greig, and the relatives of Bulger’s numerous victims will not sleep easy at night.

The following article appeared on on July 13.

By Maria Cramer, Milton J. Valencia, and John R. Ellement, Globe Staff

Catherine Greig’s defense attorney today said she was the innocent girlfriend of James “Whitey’’ Bulger, who never took part in the crimes of a controlling, menacing man whom she had the misfortune to fall in love with.

The hearing ended without U.S. Magistrate Judge Jennifer Boal formally deciding whether to detain Greig. Kevin J. Reddington agreed that Greig can stay behind bars while some of the complex legal issues raised in the detention hearing are addressed by lawyers in the near future.

Reddington in his closing argument during Greig’s detention hearing in US District Court today, insisted that Greig should be free while awaiting trial on charges of harboring a fugitive.

“We all know who is the mastermind,” Reddington told Magistrate Boal, in pressing his claim that Greig was never free to leave Bulger during the 16 years they lived on the run. “Her only crime is a crime of passion, falling in love.’’

He added, “She is not a nefarious person. She is just a simple woman who wants to be with her sister.’’

Bulger and Greig were captured last month in Santa Monica, Calif., where they apparently lived together since 1998. “There isn’t a person in Santa Monica who doesn’t have extreme love and respect for this woman,” Reddington said.

But Assistant US Attorney James Herbert said Greig has proven she cannot be trusted to be released from custody. “She has demonstrated an ability to remain as a fugitive,’’ he said. “She is not simply a traveling companion. She is a willing and active participant in their joint effort’’ to elude authorities.

One major issue was Boal’s decision to let the kin of Bulger’s alleged murder victims testify as witnesses against Greig – even though she is not charged with participating in the murders, and even though she has not been convicted of a crime.

Thomas Donahue, Steve Davis, and Chris McIntyre, all of whom had loved ones allegedly murdered by Bulger, took the stand and told Boal in emotional terms about the pain they have suffered during the couple’s years on the run.;

Thomas Donahue’s father, Michael, was allegedly shot to death by Bulger in 1982. “Her 16 years with her lover on the run were 16 years we cried,” he said.

Steve Davis, whose sister, Debbie, was allegedly murdered by Bulger, told the judge that he never heard anyone call Bulger Robin Hood as Reddington had argued earlier today.

“I can’t put into words in three minutes the suffering of the last 16 years,’’ Davis told Boal. “In my eyes, she is an evil woman.’’

McIntyre testified that if Greig is freed, she could end up living 100 yards from his family’s home in the Squantum neighborhood in Quincy where Greig has kept ownership of a house during the past 16 years.

As the relatives spoke, Greig kept her gaze straight ahead, never looking towars the people as they spoke.

Earlier today, Kevin Weeks, a former associate of Bulger, testified that Greig was Bulger’s girlfriend, not a partner in the mobster’s alleged crimes. “I don’t know what she knew as far as his reputation,’’ Weeks said of Greig. “She saw one side of him and others saw another side of him.”

Prodded by Reddington, Weeks testified that Bulger’s reputation in 1995 — when Greig joined Bulger in his life on the run – was that of a “Robin Hood,’’ not as a ruthless killer of 19 people.

“He was considered by many to be a Robin Hood type, right?” Reddington asked.

“Yes,’’ said Weeks, who turned against his surrogate father and helped lead authorities to secret graves where eight of Bulger’s alleged victims were buried. “He was generous with people.”

Weeks testified that he picked up Greig and then drove to Malibu Beach in Dorchester where Bulger awaited. Greig had just a handbag with her, he said.

Weeks was one of Bulger’s top aides and a surrogate son until he learned that Bulger was an informant for the FBI. In 2000, Weeks began cooperating with the federal government.

Weeks pleaded guilty to assisting Bulger in five murders, and served five years and three months in prison. His autobiography is called, “Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger’s Irish Mob.’’

Prodded by Reddington, FBI Special Agent Michael Carazza testified today that Bulger told agents after his arrest last month that Greig did not know about the 30 firearms found in the their apartment.

Carazza, however, disagreed with Reddington’s contention that Greig did not know about the $800,000 in cash authorities found in the apartment. Reddington also said that Bulger told the FBI that he and his long-time girlfriend slept in separate bedrooms in the two-bedroom, rent-controlled apartment.

When questioned by prosecutors, Carazza testified that the landlord of the Santa Monica apartment building reported that Bulger and Greig had lived in the California city since 1998, although there were periods of time when the couple was not around.

During those years, the landlord told the FBI, it was Greig, using her alias of Carol Gasko, who paid the rent — always in cash. Carazza also testified that Greig told her hairdresser she liked bad boys, that “she knew her husband was a bad boy” who had now grown up.

Before the hearing began, Greig’s twin sister said she believes Greig should be freed from jail despite living with Bulger for 16 years while he was being sought by law enforcement.

“Cathy didn’t commit any crimes,’’ Margaret McCusker said as she headed into court this morning.

McCusker also had harsh words for the gaggle of reporters who swarmed her as she arrived at the South Boston courthouse for the continuation of Greig’s detention hearing.

“(Expletive) vultures,” McCusker said. “Oh my God.”

After today’s hearing, McCusker had tears in her eyes and was allowed to use a courthouse exit that let her avoid the throng of reporters outside the courthouse.


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