Joe Bruno – Vinny “Gorgeous’” Basciano Sentenced to Life in Prison – Twice


This is both plain stupid and a total waste of taxpayer money.

On Tuesday, July 19, Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano was sentenced to life in prison, without chance of parole, plus ten years, for ordering the 2004 murder of Bonnano Crime Family associate Randolph Pizzolo.

That would be fine, if just for one simple fact: Basciano is already serving life in prison, without chance of parole, for the 2001 murder of junkie, and all around bad guy, Frank Santoro.

So now Basciano is scheduled to serve two life sentences, plus another ten years in prison. There’s only one problem. The last time I looked, Basciano, like the rest of us, I might add, only has one life to live. You can’t serve two life sentences, and certainly not an additional ten years, after you serve two life sentences. Just can’t happen. Human beings are not wired that way.

Millions of dollars were spent in Basciano’s second trial, which was absolutely the worst example of overkill (no pun intended) I’ve ever seen.

The government might say the reason for the second trial was that they were seeking the death penalty for Basciano, and they obviously figured death was a more proper sentence for Basciano than life in prison. Right?

Well, how did that work out for you, Mr. Government?

The jury decided quite quickly, and quite correctly, that the proper sentence for Basciano was life in prison rather than sitting down in “Old Sparky” at Sing Sing Prison in upstate New York (The smart-ass judge added the extra 10 years for good measure). So that means Basciano got absolutely no punishment for the Pizzolo murder, because he was already serving life in prison for the Santoro murder.

The United States of America is in debt for trillions of dollars. Why? Because we overspend. On almost everything.

Social Programs. Heath Care. The Military. I could go on and on.

But spending millions of dollars on the prosecution of a man, already sentenced to life in prison without the chance for parole, is beyond the pale.

Attorney General Eric Holder has the reputation of being soft on terrorism and tough on organized crime; especially Italian, or Italian American organized crime. In early January, Holder made a big splash when he ordered the FBI to arrest 127 men, in and around the New York area, suspected of being associated with organized crime, i.e. – The Mafia, or “Cosa Nostra,” as the government likes to call it.

On the day of the mass roundup of organized crime figures, Holder got on the podium before a nation TV audience to announce (brag about?) the arrests. He was so proud, the buttons on Holder’s suit seemed ready to burst, even though the vast majority of the men arrested were so “low-level” in organized crime, they need a ladder just to reach the curb.

And how much more of our money do you think the government will spend on 127 prosecutions? And guess whose money they will be spending?

Not Holder’s, that’s for sure.

The following article appeared in the NY Daily News on July, 20, 2011.
Vinny ‘Gorgeous’ Basciano sentenced to life in prison plus ten years at Supermax

Bloodthirsty ex-crime boss Vincent Basciano made a startling admission on Wednesday before he was dispatched to rot behind bars in America’s toughest federal prison.

“I was done in by the tapes,” the murderous mobster said in federal court, referring to damning jailhouse recordings secretly made by ex-Bonanno chief Joseph Massino.

Basciano – spared the death penalty last month by a Brooklyn jury – received a sentence of life plus 10 years from Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis.

“No punishment is sufficient to right his innumerable wrongs,” said Garaufis, who prosecutors say was targeted for murder by Basciano, who is known as “Vinny Gorgeous.”

“No words are strong enough to convey the depravity with which he lived his free life.”

The 51-year-old gangster is already serving a life sentence for a previous murder. He strode into the courtroom smiling and carrying a carton filled with legal papers.

Asked if he wanted to make a statement about murder victim Randolph Pizzolo, Basciano instead whined about his woes.

“I’m broke, I have no money,” he said during a rambling speech, griping that he was denied a fair trial and demanding a new lawyer so he could sue an inmate who snitched on him.

The Basciano jury cited Massino’s bloodier past – including a dozen murders – in deciding on a life sentence rather than death for Vinny Gorgeous.

Basciano was convicted of capital murder for ordering a November 2004 mob hit against Bonanno associate Pizzolo. He was previously found guilty in the 2001 murder of Bronx junkie Frank Santoro.

He’s headed for the super-maximum security prison in Florence, Colo., where he will join the worst of the worst inmates in Cell Block H.

Basciano’s neighbors will include terrorists like World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef and shoe-bomber Richard Reid.

Despite his claimed lack of cash, prosecutors said they intend to collect a $5 million forfeiture order from Basciano’s prior trial – and repay the Pizzolo family $21,000 in funeral expenses.

The judge noted that Basciano is proof there is no glory in the Mafia. “Basciano stands here today, proof of its reality – a crumbling facade, beneath which lies a bleak, pathetic and ignorant life,” Garaufis said.


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